Basic Literacy Project (64 Districts)


Basic Literacy Project (64 districts) is a GOB financed project under Ministry of Primary and Mass Education with objectives to provide Basic Literacy and Life Skill to 4.5 million adolescents and adults of 15-45 age group. Its coverage area is 250 selected upazilas of 64 districts of the country. The project will be implemented in 4 phases within a time span of 5 (five) years. Under the project 75,000 learning center will be established at selected 250 upazillas where both male and female learners of 15-45 age group will receive Non-Formal education. The program of the project will be implemented through building partnership with selected Implementing NGO’s (INGO’s). In the first phase, SAMAHAR was awarded for Chandpur Sadar Upazilla under Chandpur District.
The main program of the project i.e. providing Basic Literacy and life skill to targeted illiterate adolescents and adults of 15-45 age groups has been implementing by SAMAHAR at field level. The objectives of the Basic Literacy Project (64 districts) are as follows: To provide Basic Literacy and Life Skills to 4.5 million illiterate adolescents and adults of 15-45 age group. To contribute in eradication of illiteracy from the country as well as achieving global and national EFA goals as envisaged in NPA-II and the Sixth Five year Plan. To contribute in implementation of the National NFE Policy-2006 and the National Education Policy-2010. To strengthen the capacity of BNFE and other agencies involved in Non-Formal Education. To promote GO-NGO and community collaboration in NFE. To develop primers in the mother tongue(s) of the ethnic groups for the learners of 3 hill districts. As per ToR, objectives of the assignment are to assist project authority in implementation of the project’s main objectives of providing basic Literacy and life skill to targeted illiterate people; to identify learners and place of centers and develop data base; to provide all sorts of assistance for operation and management of learning center situated in its jurisdiction; to promote GO-NGO collaboration in NFE sector; to ensure community Participation and resource mobilization; any task, in relation to Project implementation, assigned by Project Authority as and when necessary.

Date : January 2019 to August 2019

Client Name: Bureau of Non Formal Education

Donar Name: GoB