Dhaka Environmental Sustainable water Supply project


Dhaka Environmental Sustainable water Supply project of WASA has been started in February 2015 and continuing till date. In implementing the renovation and construction new supply line for water a resettlement plan is required to be prepared. While incepting resettlement activities on the ground public awareness become mandatory as the movement of staff will increase on routs of water line from distribution system entering to consumer ends. Awareness on why renovation has been planned, when the activities are going to take place, to whom the responsibilities are being laid upon to perform the activities and how the activities temporarily may interrupt lives of consumers how long it will take to complete the closing of project at fields are detailed to the consumer ends.  Samahar was awarded to prepare RP and later Samahar also implementing the same RP in demarcated area of Dhaka city. Samahar in course of time has been implemented most the resettlement work and awareness as well and now at verse of completion.

Date : February 2015 to Ongoing

Client Name: DWASA

Donar Name: ADB