Implementation of Income & Livelihood Restoration Plan


Implementation of Income & Livelihood Restoration Plan (ILRP) under Resettlement Program of Akhaura-Laksam Dual Gauge Double Line Project under Bangladesh Railway (BR). Samahar has been awarded for implementing ILRP of the ALDLP which started from 2017 and will continue till end of the project so that all project affected and vulnerable households can be accommodated in the nsystem.
As the resettlement program progresses some of the EPs faces income arrested situation and movement from the present place to new place takes costs. Income arrest is due to detachment with the present business meaning present engagement with any sorts of income generating activities at least temporarily or permanently for varied affected persons. The project has the provision of mainstreaming of these affected people through providing them different grants and supports in addition to the scheduled or entitled compensation. Among those scheduled compensation are replacement cost of land and or structures or houses and accessories, loss of trees, fish-stock, crops loss; grants can be moving grants for relocation, transfer grants for structures, reconstruction grants for structures, grants for poor elderly people, women headed poor household grant, seed grant for investments in business or similar and skill development training desired by the affected persons conducted by respective department of the government organized by the executive agency supported by implementing non-government organization-Samahar.

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Client Name: Bangladesh Railway

Donar Name: ADB