Micro-finance Lending Program

Samahar has been opened up its micro-finance program within Chandpur district to benefit the rural families who are backward and do not have access to regular banking system. These microfinance are being channeled through women and child development societies of Samahar. Provision of group formation with homogeneous members of community who are similar in economic and social background, provision of compulsory saving is the part of group discipline. Compulsory saving works as primary equity to get micro-finance from groups. There are 55 such groups comprising male members in 2 groups and female members in 53 groups. 12 staff are managing these groups among them one is female. Total 1429 members are enrolling in these 55 groups of which 65 are male members and rest are female members. The issue empowering women has come forward so as to open the surface for women to access to different facilities including credit. Total 1296 members have received credit of whom 58 are male. With micro-finance supports the members of the groups invest for development of business on small trading, small manufacturing of packets and food processing and others income generating activities.

Date : Rural Poor and Vulnerable Households

Date : Self Finance