Improvement of Elenga- Hatikumrul- Rangpur Road to a 6 lane Highway


Implementation of Land Acquisition and Resettlement Plan under SASEC-Dhaka Rangpur 6-lane Highway:
With the assistance from Asian Development Bank the Government of Bangladesh implements the Second SASEC Road Connectivity investment Program. The basic objective of the project is implementation of Resettlement and Livelihood development plan for the segment of Elenga-Hatikamrul-Rangpur to execute land acquisition and resettlement and would ensure peoples participation including women and other vulnerable groups. The total length of the project road section is 190.40 km covering the districts of Tangail, Sirajganj, Bogra, Gainbandha and Rangpur. Due to undertaking of the project Residential, Commercial and Community establishments will require relocation. The primary objective of this program is to identify impacts and to plan measures to mitigate various losses of the affected persons. The core component of Resettlement Plan (RP) is to provide institutional and financial assistance to APs to replace their lost resources such as land, residential/commercial structures, employment opportunities etc. Besides, Agricultural land losers and indirectly affected individuals or households who will experience loss of income due to acquisition and requisition will be compensated on due course. Approximate number of affected HHs under this project will be 7,000 and total number of Affected persons will be 24,500.

Date : April 2017 to April 2020

Client Name: Roads and Highways

Donar Name: ADB