Training On Post-Harvest And Primary Processing Of HVCs For Different Stakeholders Such As Farmers, Businessmen, Consumers, Etc At Banskhali, Chattogram


The Ministry of Agriculture, Government of Bangladesh has taken Smallholder Agricultural Competitiveness Project (SACP) in collaboration with IFAD aiming to increase the growth of agriculture sector of the country with the ultimate objective to reduce the poverty of the farmers. SCAP project has many components that have been implementing at phases by Department of Agricultural Marketing (DAM) under the Ministry of Agriculture. Now DAM has planned to provide training to the farmers on Post-harvest and primary processing of high value crops (HVCs) and building market linkage so that the farmers can get fair price of their products. Developing small scale entrepreneurship among farmers is also an important objective of the training project. Therefore, the training will include post-harvest management and quality assurance, small scale food processing operations, establish small scale pack house, building post-harvest market linkage, etc for increasing the income of the farmers and enhance livelihood that will help to further improvement of agricultural sector as well as the economy of Bangladesh as it is the third highest contributor (14.10%) to the GDP of the country.

Date : January 2020-June 2020

Client Name: Department of Agricultural Marketing (DAM)

Donar Name: GoB