Vulnerable Group Development Program


Samahar has been implementing vulnerable group development program of WFP in Chandpur district. Under the program Samahar receives food packages from WFP from the local warehouse where the vulnerable women are living. Samahar has selected these group of people from the locality among the poor elderly, poor women, widowed poor and landless poor groups from the communities. The project supply food packages to the selected beneficiary and awarded them these food package for a period of two years. The project duration for each beneficiary two years and in every two years the support gets renewal from WFP for new sets of beneficiaries. Samahar has started this program since 2010 and the present support will continue till 2020. We hope that the support will be renewed again for new sets of beneficiaries.

Date : January 2010 to Ongoing

Client Name: GoB

Donar Name: World Food Program