Dhaka Water Supply Network Improvement Project ( Resettlement)

Dhaka Water Supply and Sewerage Authority

Implementation of Resettlement Plan and Support to Low Income Community under Dhaka Environmentally Sustainable Water Supply Project:

The Dhaka environmentally sustainable water supply project provide more reliable and sustainable water supply in Dhaka by developing a new surface water source for supply augmentation: The prime of objective of RP is to mitigate the losses and restore the socio-economic status of the APs. The primary objective of involving an implementing NGO by WASA is to use their expert and staff services to carry out activities for preparation and implementation of the RAP and strengthening of the delivery capacity of the employer at the field level. The total HHs of the project is 2967 along with 11868 affected APs. The NGO coordinates employer, deputy commissioners, and supervision consultation a regular basis to discuss progress and constraints in RAP implementation.

Date : August 2018 to December 2023

Client Name: Dhaka Water Supply and Sewerage Authority

Donar Name: ADB