Assessment/Evaluation Of Learners Of Basic Literacy Project ( 64 District)


Bangladesh is one of the most densely populated countries in the world. Poverty and illiteracy are interwoven in this country. The Constitution of Bangladesh recognizes education as a fundamental right of every citizen.
In pursuance of its constitutional obligations and commitments made in the international forums, the Government of Bangladesh is determined to ensure education for all within shortest possible period of time. In line with the international & national goal of Education for All (EFA), the Government of Bangladesh (GOB) is committed to expansion of education especially for primary and mass education which are reflected in the programs of formal education and non-formal education subsector.
Bureau of Non-Formal Education (BNFE), established in 2005, is a lone government organization in the Non Formal Education sector. In order to achieve the goals of “Education for All (EFA)” and target of National Plan of Action-ii (NPA- ii) ,The government of Bangladesh has decided to undertake a massive project titled “Basic Literacy Project (64 districts) with major objectives of providing Basic Literacy and life skills to 4.5 million illiterate adolescent and adults of 15-45 age group. The Project is absolutely a GOB financed Project.
Samahar has signed a contract with Bureau of Non-Formal Education to carry out the task with main objective to conduct a midterm and final assessment/test, provide reports and certification of the learners.



Date : Bureau of Non Formal Education

Date : GoB