Dhaka-Chittagong-Cox’s Bazar Rail Project Preparatory Facility

The Dhaka-Chittagong-Cox’s Bazar Rail Project is considered as one of the most significant steps in transport sector as well as for our economy and tourism and the importance of this project can hardly be overemphasized. The components of projects are- The components are (i) Conversion of Tongi-Bhairab Bazar-Akhaura MG double track into DG double track (Approx.104 km); (ii) Conversion of Laksam-Chinki Astana-Chittagong MG double track into DG double track (Approx.130 km); (iii) Construction of new DG line and conversion of existing MG line into DG in Fouzderhat-GPY section and other works; (iv) Conversion of existing Chittagong-Dohazari MG track into DG Track and CTG bypass curve; (v) Construction of new ICD including ancillary works and new rail link (Approx. 7 km) with the ICD (Approx. 70 ha) from Pubail and Dhirasram railway station including access for private sector investments; (vi) New single line DG Rail link with Moheshkkhali and Matarbari; (vii) Establish workshop, fueling facilities and depot at a suitable location between Dhaka and Cox’s Bazar which will be duly informed to the NGO/Firm. (viii) Construction of a new station master office at CGPY.  SAMAHAR is engaged to undertake social safeguard investigations and surveys, and to prepare safeguard planning documents for three components under the TA project.

Objectives of the project:

The general objectives are to identify impacts and to plan measures to mitigate various adverse impacts and restore and or improve the overall standards of living of the people in post-project period, based on the proposed CROW of Corridor of impact of the project in accordance with ADB Safeguard Policy Statement 2009.

 SAMAHAR doing the following activities:

  • Preparing Initial Poverty and Social Assessment (IPSA) of the project area
  • Conducting Socio-economic Census on 100% affected population/area:
  • Marking each Affected Household/units with ID number and Video-Filming and Photography
  • Community/Stakeholder Consultation and Focused Group Discussion
  • Conducting STI/HIV/AIDS Assessment and Human Trafficking Assessment
  • Conducting Gender Assessment and preparing Gender Action Plan
  • Preparation of Resettlement Plan
  • Preparation of Indigenous People Plan (IPP)

Client : JV Consultant, Bangladesh Railway

Funding Agency : ADB