In Depth Monitoring And Evaluation Of Rajuk Flat Project At Uttara Sector 18


Samahar has been awarded In depth monitoring and evaluation study from IMED on Flat Construction project of Rajuk at Uttara Sector-18. Over the period population in the country has been increase many fold and demand for plots in the capital city can not be meet up with increase of population. Land is limited in our country. Agricultural land can’t be spared for housing plots. Moreover, land  occupancy for industrial reasons are putting pressure on space for agricultural production. To minimize the growing demand for housing in Dhaka city government has been implementing flat construction project for the middle and low income families at Uttara Sector-18. The project has been planned and started construction during 2012 with a target to handover to the allotted families by 2016. In 2019 government wants to evaluate the progress of whole situation of flat construction and allied and handing over the same to the owners.

Through bidding process Samahar has won the evaluation task from IMED. In depth monitoring and evaluation process is on going.

Date : IMED

Date : GoB