Study on Integration of ICT in Secondary Level Education in Bangladesh

The Bangladesh Bureau of Educational Information and Statistics (BANBEIS) is an attached department of the Ministry of Education and is mainly responsible for providing educational information and statistics for the planning, management, and decision-making process in the education sector. BANBEIS is focusing on the qualitative survey and socioeconomic research in addition to regular quantitative survey activities. Government allocates budget for research in each fiscal year.

 Objective of the Research Assignments:

The overall aim of this study is to derive the intervention on ICT for education significant challenges faced by the teachers and learners. To achieve the above-mentioned aim, the following specific objectives will be addressed—

  • To explore how teachers are getting access to ICT devises and capacity building initiatives.
  • To understand how they are using the training outputs in the classroom level and home-based learning.
  • To identify challenges faced by the teachers to ensure integration of ICT in the teaching-learning process.
  • To furnish recommendations to overcome these challenges.

Actual Services Provided by SAMAHAR

Data collected for the study from approximately 500 educational institutions, from a minimum of 32 Upazilla and representation of all administrative divisions.  Also, consider geographical and diversity among institutions in terms of general education and madrasah.

  • Develop detailed work plan, methodology, sample size, and data collection tools;
  • Finalize data collection tools incorporating comments from meeting and submit to BANBEIS for approval;
  • Impart training to data collectors;
  • Conduct field test for questionnaire validation and submit the outcome of field test for review;
  • Conduct questionnaire survey with Students and Teachers;
  • Conduct in-depth interviews with teachers (who are involved in ICT based teaching-learning) and program personnel;
  • Conduct KII with Head teacher and Management Committee members of selected institutes;
  • Analyze data; Develop draft report;
  • Finalize the report incorporating comments/observations and submit report to the Director of BANBEIS.


Client : BANBEIS

Funding Agency: GoB