Establishment of the National Occupational Health and Safety Research and Training Institute

“Establishment of the National Occupational Health and Safety Research and Training Institute” which is sponsored by Ministry of Labour and Employment and implemented by the Department of Inspection for Factories and Establishment. It will support the develo pment of IMED as a central organization entrusted with monitoring of the development projects in public sector, responsible for implementation of the Project in the field of monitoring of the project.

Objectives of the Project

  • To Ensure safe working environment in the industries of the country and to increase the productivity of the workers
  • To provide clear idea about occupational health and safety to the employers, workers and all parties by setting up research and training institutes on occupational health and safety and to make the workers aware about taking preventive measures in this regard.
  • To conduct necessary research activities on occupational health and safety

 Major Components of the Project

  • Construct the administrative buildings and residential buildings;
  • Purchase furniture and office equipment; and
  • Purchase motor vehicle, computer and other parts

 SAMAHAR is engaged for Conducting In-depth Monitoring Study. Responsibilities are:

  • Review and to monitor project details (background, objectives, status of approval/ revision, financing etc., of all applicable information)
  • Collect, insert, analyze, present and to review through table/chart of project progress plan, budget allocation, discount and expenditure and detailed component-based implementation (actual and financial) progress of the project.
  • Review the status of project achievement and to review and to monitor output level achievement in the light of project objectives and log frame
  • Compare and to review and to monitor existing procurement laws and regulations (PPA, PPR, development partner guideline, etc.) for procurement of various products, works and services performed/ ongoing under the project and whether the procurement plan is being implemented or has been implemented as mentioned in the project document.
  • Review and to monitor ancillary matters (sustainable planning) including manpower required for operation and maintenance of products, works and services has been collected/ to be collected under the project.
  • Review and to monitor comparatively as to whether various products, works and services procured under the project have been procured through the required inspection/ verification as per specification/ BOQ/ TOR, quality standard, quantity prescribed in the procurement agreement.
  • Analyze, to review and to monitor various aspects related to project risk i.e., various problems related to implementation: such as delay in financing , delay in procurement/ procurement of goods, implementation of goods and works, management inefficiency and project duration and increase in cost etc.
  • Review and to monitor data on project approval revision (if applicable), allocation of funds, rebates, payment of bills etc.
  • Review based on data and to monitor contract signing, terms of agreement, processing and approval of purchasing proposals, waiver, bill payment consent and recommendations of various missions etc. by development partners (if any)
  • Provide feedback regarding the sustainable benefits after the completion of the project.
  • Conduct SWOT ANALYSIS considering project objectives, project activities, implementation plans, project management, risk, period, cost acquisition, etc.
  • Review the relevant documents of the project and to analyze the information obtained from the field level, a report with overall review, observation, and necessary recommendations will be prepared and the report will be presented at the national workshop. The final report will be prepared by incorporating the views received in national workshop.
  • Review and to monitor project management, appointment of project director, recruitment of manpower, meeting of project management committee, meeting of project steering committee, formulation of work plan and implementation of meeting and to report decision implementation, transmission of progress information etc.
  • Internal Audit, External Audit, whether there is audit objection, if any, how many. Details, amount of money involved etc., other matters as determined by the authorities