Preparation of Poverty and Social Assessment (PSA) and Resettlement Plan (RP) under Feasibility Study, Engineering Design and Procurement Support for Dhaka Mass Rapid Transit Development Project (Line 5, Southern Route)

The Dhaka Metro Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) is a new metro rail system being developed by the Dhaka Mass Transit Company (DMTC) in Dhaka, Bangladesh, to resolve the traffic congestion and pollution issues. In response to traffic congestion and to make a significant impact on Dhaka citizens, the Government of Bangladesh (GoB) decided to implement a modern urban transport program for Dhaka, which was formulated in the Strategic Transport Plan (STP) for Dhaka Metropolitan Area (DMA) in 2005 and updated in the Revised Strategic Transport Plan in 2010.

Objectives of the project:

The primary objective of the services is to conduct field studies and produce complete social safeguard documentation/reports for DMTCL. The specific objectives are to identify project impacts and propose measures to mitigate the various adverse impacts identified to restore and or improve the overall standards of living of the people in post-project period.

The studies will be conducted within the proposed ROW or Corridor of Impact (COI) of the MRT Line-5 South in accordance with ADB’s Technical Note on Social Analysis in Transport Project, ADB’s Gender Tool Kit: Transport and Handbook on Poverty and Social Analysis, ADB, 2012 for the PSA, Gender Tool Kit for Transport, ADB 2013; Country gender Strategy for Gender Analysis and Gender Action Plan, ADB Safeguard Policy Statement 2009 as well as Safeguard Policy (ARIPA 2017) of Government of Bangladesh for the Resettlement Plan.

Services provided by SAMAHAR:

  • Conduct qualitative and quantitative Social Survey among the households throughout the alignment and project influenced zone
  • Investigate and propose measures to address social risks and vulnerabilities
  • Quantify the incidence of risks in the affected populations by age, gender, location and identifying options to mitigate them
  • Analyze likely Project impacts on poverty, social and gender considering issues such as accessibility, affordability, income/employment, safety, access to social service
  • Conduct a Transport and Mobility Assessment
  • Investigate and address child labor issues and their use throughout the alignment
  • Explore Opportunities to Strengthen Visibility of Social/Gender Related Aspects in Project Design
  • Propose Measures and Implementation Strategies to Ensure Project Compliance to National and International Labor Laws
  • Poverty and Social Analysis (PSA) Report & Summary Poverty Reduction and Social Strategy (SPRSS) along with qualitative analysis of transport/mobility needs and constraints;
  • Social Risk Mitigation Measures, such as STI/HIV/AIDS,
  • Assessment on the Project’s Impacts on Indigenous Peoples and – if required Indigenous Peoples’ Plan, or a Due Diligence Report;
  • Gender Assessment, including analysis of women’s mobility/transport needs and constraints and gender enhancement measures with a Gender Action Plan; and
  • Resettlement Plan with Entitlement Matrix in compliance with ARIPA 2017 of GoB and ADB safeguard Policy


Client : Dhaka Mass Transit Company Limited (DMTCL)

Funding Agency: ADB